• Your app needs to be published as a public integration in Zapier’s App Directory.

Example Implementation

Jotform uses the /apps endpoint to power their own app directory by intertwining the thousands of public integrations on Zapier’s directory with their native integrations.

Fetching a list of Apps available on Zapier


Authenticate with Zapier

Following the authentication guide, receive a token from the Zapier Workflow API.


Create your request, and filter as needed

Leveraging the /apps endpoint, filter the list of apps to meet your needs, available query params include:

  • category - could be useful for listing popular CRMs for example.
  • query - a string by which to seach for for apps.
  • ids - filter the list to specific apps, by their associated identifier.

Integrate with your product

Shape the apps returned to match the look and feel of your product, showcasing the additional apps available ✨