Our partner solutions are the easiest ways to add automation and surface integrations to your product. Whether you want to build a native feeling automated workflow for your users, or simply embed Zap Templates into your product, our Workflow API and Workflow Element cover a plethora of use cases for all time constraints - whether you have months or minutes, we have a solution for you!

Zapier’s partner solutions are available for public integrations. To take advantage of our embed solution, first ensure your integration has been published to Zapier’s App Directory. If your integration isn’t yet published, learn more about submitting your integration for review.

Why us?

Most partners who embed one of our partner solutions see a 29-65% user increase in their integration usage, along with higher retention to their product, more customer upgrades, and improved lifetime value from their users. For example, Jotform found that users who used their Workflow API implementation were 25x more likely to upgrade to a paid plan, and had a 50% higher retention rate! All at no cost to you.

Check out our collection of partner case studies for more testimonials on how embedding Zapier has boosted growth for our partners


Embedding Zapier is free for all partners.

What are the different partner solutions?

We have 2 main products for you to add automation to your product:

  1. Our Workflow API is a powerful tool for building native feeling integrations and workflows powered by Zapier for your end users in your product
  2. Our Workflow Element is a prebuilt UI component that offers the quickest—and easiest—way to surface your Zapier integration directly within your own product (in minutes!).

Along with our main products, we have a suite of product enhancements, meant to help create an even more frictionless experience for your users

  1. Pre-filled Zaps allow you to define the input fields on behalf of the user, simplying the experience of setting up their Zap.
  2. Quick Account Creation is a seamless, accelerated sign-up feature allowing first time Zapier users to skip the standard sign-up procedure and onboarding survey.
To see our partner solutions in action, check out our Embed Gallery
For integration specific documentation, check out our Platform docs

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