The Workflow API is a powerful tool for building native feeling integrations and workflows for your end users. It allows your app access to the industry’s largest integration directory that spans over 7,000 apps, enabling you to easily build and manage the most impactful workflows for your users. This tool enables users to discover, craft, and manage workflows from directly within your product while being customized to your product’s look and feel, offering a seamless integration experience.

Whether you want to build an end-to-end native feeling integration for your users, or surface the most popular zap templates customized to your product’s branding, the Workflow API extends your product’s functionality by showcasing premier Zapier-powered workflows exactly where your users need them the most—in the very heart of your tool. It allows for customization in styling, simplifies the Zap setup process for users, and provides immediate access to pertinent Zap details, ensuring a cohesive and intuitive user experience.

The Workflow API is accessible for all publicly listed integrations.


List all apps available on Zapier

Get a list of all the apps available in Zapier’s app directory to power your own integration marketplace and show your users all the integration possibilities with your Zapier integration.

Show Zap Templates, your way

Have complete style control over how you present Zap templates in your product. The Workflow API gives you access to the raw Zap Template data so you can give your users access to your Zap templates with your product’s style, look and feel.

Pre-fill Zaps for your users

Define input fields on behalf of your users, simplying the experience of setting up their Zap

Embed the Zapier editor

Embed our Zap Editor to allow your users to create new Zaps and modify existing ones, without needing to leave your product.

Build Native Workflows

Build native feeling integrations to your app powered by the Workflow APIs to enable your users to create automated workflows from within your product.

View and Manage Zaps

Show users the Zaps they have set up from right within your product, keeping them on your site longer and giving them complete confidence in your Zapier integration.