• Your app needs to be published as a public integration in Zapier’s App Directory.

Example Implementation

Wufoo uses the /zap-templates endpoint to retrieve raw data about their Zap Templates to customize the look and feel of how they are surfaced to users within their own integration directory.

Fetching a list of Zap Templates


Get your Client ID

You can find your Client ID in the Zapier Developer Platform under Embed → Settings → Credentials

Client ID and Secret

Your application’s Client ID and Client Secret are only available after you’ve published your app as a public integration in Zapier’s App Directory.

Regenerating your client secret will invalidate any previous secret.


Create your request, and filter as needed

Leverage the /zap templates endpoint to fetch zap templates.

  • You can optionally provide an apps query param to only return Zap Templates that have both your app and one of the app ids provided.
    By default, all zap templates paired with your app are returned.

Integrate with your product

Shape the zap templates returned to match the look and feel of your product, workflow opportinuties that are 1-click away ✨