• Your app needs to be published as a public integration in Zapier’s App Directory.

Example Implementation

Unbounce uses the /zaps endpoint to display users’ Zaps using their integration directly within the Unbounce platform.

Fetching a list of Zaps for a user


Authenticate with Zapier

Following the authentication guide, receive a token from the Zapier Workflow API.


Create your request, and filter as needed

Leverage the /zaps endpoint to fetch a users zaps.

  • You can optionally filter the list by specific input values, which can be helpful for instances where a user has a zap associated to specific resources. Example might be a specific trello board or google sheet. See the api-reference for more info.
  • Leverage the expand parameter to return additional zap detail such as step information.
  • Use the zap:all scope to return all owned zaps on a users acccount regardless of paired apps.
    By default, only zaps that contain the authenticating app and that are owned by the user are returned. Shared zaps or zaps the user may have permission to view/edit will not be returned.

Integrate with your product

Shape the zaps returned to match the look and feel of your product, showcasing any existing workflows ✨